You Pree, I Pree, We All Pree Freely..!

Not wanting to take too much time on this one, I’m sure you’re only reading this to see if I expose anyone. Alas that’s not what this is about, but if your spy game strong and wading through the long abandoned origins of personal profiles is a breeze for you, then kudos for being apart of the Average Sleuth collective!

Not sure where you fit in? Well take a look below and ask yourself the following:

When scrolling through the photo album of a person who is of interest to you, do you:

A) Keep your index finger in the top left hand corner. Away from all drops downs that allow for tagging etc.
B) Scroll from the bottom left corner of your phone, leaving a trail of likes and LIKE NOTIFICATIONS for the person to find, like Hansel and Gretel in a digital forest.
C) Not sure because you don’t really pay attention to that.
 If you answered:
A) You’re a G. You’ve either made a fatal miscalculation in the past and have learned from it, or you have just decided that in the land of the living, the embarrassment of accidentally liking/hearting a pic is not your portion. 👊
B) Stop playing yourself and give back your Christmas gift. Stick to desk top activities and go back to asking who’s dating who at family get-togethers ☝
C) Do betta. Before you spoil the whole operation. 👀

Having received the new Snap Chat update:

A) Have you adjusted to the fact that the stories are playing automatically and have you memorised the order of recent updates so that you stop just before the snap you DON’T want to watch?
B) Love the new update, it makes for easy viewing and everyone’s story is interesting and relevant otherwise it wouldn’t be uploaded. Right?
C) Didn’t even realise there was an update. It’s not even that deep.
If you answered:
A) A++ For you! You smart! You’s a go-getter and are adept at filtering out trash from your life while maintaining the airs of tolerance and amicability. ✌
B) Stop posting snaps of underneath your chin and uninstall the app. 🙈
C) Do you even like talking to people? Why not stick to arguing in gaming forums? 👀

Your new buddy has just saved their number in your phone with their full name. Do you:

A) Google them. Check out their FB, twitter, their previous school sports history, blood type and Spotify playlists.
B) Think “oh that’s nice, at least I know who to address when I send them a card for their birthday.”
C) Add them on all social media platforms* and leave the phone number to dwindle in the ever irrelevant recesses of your phone book.
*In adding them and saying nada you’re also the type of individual to keep up with a persons day without really keeping up or checking in on them. You’s a ghost fam. If Casper wasn’t your name I would tell you to hold this ‘L’.
If you answered:
A) Maybe scale it back a bit and follow up your introduction with a hey-what’s up-hello type thing. Maybe take a fast from your social platforms. You can announce it, if that’ll make you feel better and stick to it. 🙅
B) We still love people like you and thank you in advance for the voucher that is adding extra weight to the card that we’ll receive. Don’t stop being you!😘
C) Goes off to listen to L Boogies ‘Lost Ones’ 🙇

Whether you answered mainly A’s, B’s or C’s it’s safe to say that your are in fact a Pree-ass-aurus Rex. So why not put you’re curious ways to good use and find something to do this weekend that’s worth looking at?

No pressure or anything, but we’re all refreshing and waiting…

Happy Friday! 😉

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